Good Nutrition – Key to Healthy Children, Multi-country School Nutrition Initiative

Recognising the importance of nutrition education to school children, the SEA-PHN Network has initiated a multi-country nutrition education initiative, Good Nutrition – Key to Healthy Children (GNKHC). The goal is to empower school children with appropriate nutrition knowledge to enable them to adopt healthier eating habits and be physically active.

All five-member countries of the SEA-PHN Network (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam) participated in this initiative.  This initiative involves the conduct of nutrition lessons to primary school children in selected schools in the five countries using a specially designed nutrition module developed by member societies / associations of the SEA-PHN Network. Teachers in those schools were trained on the use of the module and to conduct the nutrition lessons.

There are a total of 9 topics in this module, which includes the basics of healthy eating and active living. The nutrition education package comprised teaching aids for interactive activities and games, teacher’s guidebook, student’s workbook and educational leaflets for parent. Nutritionists and educators are welcomed to use the GNKHC module for their school nutrition education programmes.

Find out more about the GNKHC and its teaching materials can be obtained and downloaded for free at the Resources Centre.