Regular contact among members to implement activities in pursuance of objectives of the Network:

  1. Conduct annual meetings among members of the Network, preferably in conjunction with a scientific meeting. The organisation of annual meetings will be rotated among members of the Network.
  2. Interaction through a dedicated website:
  3. Conduct collaborative projects among members of the Network and its partners.
  4. Teleconferences as and when needed.
  5. Organise scientific meetings or conferences.

Annual SEA-PHN Network Meeting

The Annual Meetings of SEA-PHN network is held for the update of nutrition issues and activities by members of each country as well as by associate members; to have discussion/review progress of collaborative projects undertaken by the Network as well as discussion on administrative matters of the Network. The Annual Meetings of SEA-PHN network shall be attended by two representatives from each member nutrition society/association. One of the representatives shall be funded by the Network for his/her attendance while expenses for the other representative shall be borne by the member society/association. One technical representative from corporate company Associate Members shall also be invited to attend the annual meeting. If funding is available, a representative from the Nutrition Department in the Ministry of Health of the countries of the member nutrition societies/associations shall also be invited to participate.

SEA-PHN Network Website

A dedicated website shall be established to serve as the main channel of communication among Network members in between annual physical meetings and teleconferences. It shall provide as a platform for exchange of views and experiences on specific projects or topics. It is accessible to members of national nutrition societies collaborating in the Network, as well as Associate Members of the Network.

The website shall also serve as a repository of public health nutrition documents and activities to be uploaded by Network members. These shall include:

  • Announcements of current and upcoming projects and scientific meetings
  • Reports/Abstracts of completed projects and scientific meetings
  • Relevant documents and publications from government agencies or national society

Collaboration Projects

The SEA-PHN Network provides a platform and opportunities for collaboration among members of the SEA-PHN Network, government agencies and private sector in conducting community nutrition improvement programmes.

Upon understanding the food and nutrition situation in countries in the region, identifying the needs of the communities and building on the available expertise among the stakeholders, collaboration projects can be identified.

Besides sharing of available information and documentation, the main objective of the Network is to encourage and promote collaborative intervention projects that will benefit the communities.



A teleconference system shall be installed to facilitate regular contacts and interactions among members and associate members. In between annual physical meetings, teleconferences among members and associate members will enable updates on issues and discussions on activities to be carried out.

Scientific Meetings & Conferences

Organising regular scientific seminars and conferences is not the main objective of this Network. Nevertheless, scientific meetings on public health topics can be organised to facilitate exchanges among nutritionists from the public and private sectors and the academia. Southeast Asia Public Health Nutrition Conferences on specific topics will provide a platform for interaction and development of potential collaborations.