Southeast Asia Public Health Nutrition Leadership Programme (SEA-PHN LP) Workshop

Workshop Highlights

The National Plans of Action for Nutrition (NPANs) developed by governments are vital blueprint in guiding the nations on dealing with different nutritional issues and concerns of the population.

It serves as a tool for action, an operational plan that sets out strategies; identifies projects and activities, with details of implementation; designates responsibilities and accountability for the activities; identifies resource requirements; and sets out the plan for monitoring and evaluation.

It is vital that nutritionists are fully aware of these plans, particularly the NPAN of respective country, and determine how they can contribute to the identified programmes and activities.

It is imperative that the NPANs developed must be effectively implemented, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic era, to ensure that the pandemic does not lead to malnutrition crisis, as well as to prevent non-communicable diseases that are risk factors for higher COVID-19 morbidity and mortality.

This programme provided a platform for nutritionists to

  • better understand NPAN within participants’ country as well as those of countries in SEA
  • learn to communicate effectively and share their opinions and experiences, especially in the area of NPANs
  • hone the application of soft-skills and acquiring the requisite knack towards enhancing leadership competency among nutrition professionals
  • establish professional and social networks with public health nutrition workers within country as well as countries in the region

26-27 October 2022

Zoom Online Platform

Organised by:
SEA-PHN Network and Malaysia Nutrition Leadership Programme

Corporate Partners:

  • BENEO-Institute
  • IFF
  • PepsiCo Services Asia Ltd
  • Malaysian Palm Oil Council

Workshop Announcement Flyers

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Workshop Report

Thubmnail of the SEA Public Health Nutrition Leadership Programme 2022 - Report