Upcoming Events

April 19-23, 2017MalaysiaNutrition Month Malaysia
May 14-17, 2017MalaysiaMalaysia 1st Southeast Asia Public Health Nutrition Conference in conjuction with 32nd Annual Scientific Conference of Nutrition Society of Malaysia
May 18, 2017Malaysia5th Annual SEA-PHN Network Meeting
October 23 - 24, 2017Indonesia19th International Conference on Food Security and Nutrition

Past Events

Nov 15, 2016MalaysiaILSI Malaysia 9th Scientific Seminar on Drivers of Consumer Food Choices
Oct 21, 2016VietnamCongress of Vietnam Nutrition Association
Oct 21, 2016VietnamSEA-PHN Network 4th Meeting
Oct 11-13, 2016Malaysia4th Asia-Pacific International Food Safety Conference & 7th Asian Conference on Food and Nutrition Safety
July 26, 2016Philippines3rd Annual SEA-PHN Network Meeting
July 27, 2016PhilippinesFood Based Dietary Guidelines: Mining the Guidelines; Exploring their Full Benefits Symposium
May 31 - June 1, 2016MalaysiaNutrition Society of Malaysia 31st Annual Scientific Conference 2016
April 6-10, 2016MalaysiaNutrition Month Malaysia
December 3, 2015MalaysiaSymposium - MyBreakfast Study of School Children: Findings, Implications & Solutions
June 6, 2015Indonesia2nd Annual SEA-PHN Network Meeting
June 3-5, 2015IndonesiaInternational Symposium on Food and Nutrition (ISFAN) 2015
June 2-3, 2015Malaysia30th Annual Scientific Conference 2015 of Nutrition Society of Malaysia
March 26-29, 2015MalaysiaNutrition Month Malaysia 2015
Jan 26 - 29, 2015Malaysia9th Asia Pacific Conference on Clinical Nutrition
June 3 - 4 , 2014Malaysia29th Annual Scientific Conference 2014 of Nutrition Society of Malaysia
June 2, 2014Malaysia1st Annual SEA-PHN Network Meeting
April 15, 2014MalaysiaMalaysia NSM Scientific Update Series on Sugar Substitute: Understanding the Basics, Global Regulatory Approvals, Safety Assessment Protocols & Benefits


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